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Spinal Cord Injury video

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What is a Spinal Cord Injury?

This video presents an overview of spinal cord injuries and research. It covers the epidemiology, causes, symptoms, treatments and cures for spinal cord injuries. It looks at the future of...

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Spinal Cord Injury Complete Or Incomplete - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Dr. Ebraheim's educational animated video describes the conditions of complete and incomplete Spinal Cord Injury. With a complete spinal cord injury, the patient will develop complete motor...

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Spinal Cord (Spine) Injury Lawsuit - Helios Legal Group - (888) 270-9044 - Lawyer & Attorney

Call the Helios Legal Group's Spinal Cord (Spine) Injury lawsuit hotline 24/7 at (888) 908-8212 for a free, no obligation consultation. We are here to help! If you are looking for a lawyer...

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Overcoming a Spinal Cord Injury: Claire's Story

A spinal injury at 17 didn't stop Claire Freeman achieving her dreams of completing a design degree, Masters and now PhD in the powerchair. Despite ticking things off her bucket-list, she was...

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Levels of Function in Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries range from minor to severe, the labeling of these injuries can sometimes be confusing. This video explains the different severities of these labels, as well as exactly...

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Spinal Cord Injury from Rugby

A simple tackle in a game of rugby leaves a teenager paralysed form the chest down, with loss of function to his arms and hands as well. We're with Cody in the spinal injuries unit of Burwood...

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PLEASE LEAVE A LIKE/COMMENT/SUBSCRIBE Leia has a c5/c6 incomplete spinal cord injury. Which disables her ability to function below the chest down. Although Leia is able to control the movement...

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TJ Ford Retires From Spinal Injury HQ

tj ford, injury, nba injury, san antonio spurs, nba, spinal injury, new york knicks.

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5A. Levels of Injury Explained - High Cervical - Spinal Cord Injury 101

The high cervical spinal cord injury explained. This video, created by KPKinteractive for Shepherd Center and its project partners, uses simple language and images of real people who have...

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Nerve repair: Regeneration in spinal-cord injury

Spinal-cord injuries affect about half a million people each year and can leave patients completely paralysed below the site of injury. Currently, damage to this precious bundle of nerve fibres...

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Spinal Cord Injury: High Cervical Level

This video discusses high cervical spinal cord injuries. It is part of the DVD series \

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Spinal cord injury. Reasons

Road trauma and falls from a height are common causes of a spinal cord injury. More than half of all spinal cord injuries occur because of motor vehicle accidents. In most cases, the mechanism...

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This SPICE can cure spinal cord injuries better than drugs or surgery

Spinal cord injury usually begins suddenly, traumatic blow to the spine is enough to fracture or dislocate the vertebrae. Spinal cord injuries can cause fractures and compression of the vertebrae,...

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Living with Spinal Cord Injury - Brooke Thabit


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A Day in the Life of a Spinal Cord Injury

A great video from some amazing Project Walk clients as they share a glimpse into their daily lives and the what is possible while living with a spinal cord injury.

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Spinal cord injury. Symptoms

The main symptom of spinal cord injury due to trauma is pain. In most cases, the onset of pain is immediate. Rarely, pain develops later. Pain caused by spinal cord injury can occur anywhere...

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Spinal cord injury levels song

Bruno Mars Lazy Song with words adapted by Trina Feliciano. Sung by Trina Feliciano.

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Autumn Van Komen-Spinal Cord Injury-3 Years Post Injury

Life is always changing. Enjoy a flashback to 2009. So much has changed since then, yet so much stayed the same. The cute \

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A surfer's optimism after tragic spinal cord injury - Brooke Thabit: A day in the life

Click http://win.gs/1hNLO5D to register! Wings for Life World Run ambassador Brooke Thabit shares her personal story of tragedy and her limitless hope for a medical breakthrough in spinal cord...

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Broken Dreams: Life after a Spinal Cord Injury - Part 1

Ben Lei'a was a promising Samoan rugby player, until he broke his neck and was paralysed in a devastating tackle. Rugby is the national sport in Samoa... But what happens when things go wrong?...

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University Accessibility after Spinal Cord Injury

What is it like to attend a college or university after spinal cord injury? The biggest hurdle is often your perception or confidence in yourself. Believe you can do it and you can! Once you...

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Jude's Story - Spinal Cord Injury - Children's Specialized Hospital

Children's Miracle Network Hospital's New Jersey 2016 Champion, Jude Siperstein.

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Canine sacral implant incontinence - dogs with spinal cord injury - Dachshund incontinence treatment

This is a 3D video to demonstrate how a sacral neuroprosthesis can work in dogs to control bladder and solve incontinence; it is designed for dogs with long term paralysis after spinal cord...

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Spinal Cord Injury Management in the First 4 Hours

Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) Urgent medical attention is critical to minimize the effects of any head or neck trauma. Dr. William Whetstone, UCSF professor of emergency medicine, and Dr. Lisa...

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